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Tambour Accessories  
Product Image
Variation Image
Reference Shelf
Variation Image
File Frame
Variation Image
Wire File Rack
Variation Image
Planter Box
Satin Silver 
Variation Image
Tambour Unit
with Planter 
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Standard Features Options
  • Standard Colours: White Satin; Satin Silver
  • TDPORS750: Pull Out Reference Shelf - 900mm(w) (Satin Silver only)
  • TDPORS1050: Pull Out Reference Shelf - 1200mm(w) (Satin Silver only)
  • TDPOFF750: Pull Out File Frame - 900mm(w) (Satin Silver only)
  • TDPOFF1050: Pull Out File Frame - 1200mm(w) (Satin Silver only)
  • TDWR750: Tambour Wire File Rack - 900mm(w) Set of 2 - Clip under Shelf
  • TDWR1050: Tambour Wire File Rack - 1200mm(w) Set of 3 - Clip under Shelf
  • PLBX900: Tambour Planter Box with drip tray - 900mm(w)
  • PLBX1200: Tambour Planter Box with drip tray - 1200mm(w)
  • EX5900/463: Tambour Shelf - 900mm(w)
  • EX51200/463: Tambour Shelf - 1200mm(w)
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